Thursday, 25 September 2014

mywedding Musings: Elevated Catering

This custom catering company prides themselves in creating exactly the menu that you want. Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it? Kevin Barthelemy and Stephen Tanner of Elevated Catering are the two guys that ensure that the food you are serving on your wedding day is nothing less than exceptional.  I got the chance to sit down with these two and ask them about their company, careers and of course – the cooking. It’s easy to see why they are so passionate about creating custom menus for the food loving couples of Colorado.


Where do you start?

ST: One of the first questions that we ask, and we ask an awful lot of questions is, when your guests leave and on your first anniversary – what are the three words that your guests and your families are going to use to describe your reception. This gets a feel of the emotion that they want to bring to their guests. We really want to understand their vision even before we start talking about food. All of those things inform what the ultimate menu will be. We want to know what the most important things are to them. Then we get into more of the significant questions like where was the first date, what their favorite foods are and what restaurants have significant meaning to them as a couple. We learn about all different things in addition to their tastes.

KB: It’s almost as if you are opening up your own restaurant and making your own menu – we are here to help execute that.


What sets you apart from other caterers?

ST: As a custom caterer, we allow them to look at a menu, re-edit and we can make changes even up to the last minute. We’re smaller so we’re very flexible in that regard. We can turn on a dime if we need to. We don’t want people to get married to the menu – we want them to choose us as their caterer because they know that we’re going to take care of them and serve them wonderful food.

KB: The important part, even if it’s not directly related to their menu, is to make sure that we got the flavors down and what their palate is – which is an important part to being a custom caterer because we’re making everything from scratch. If you want to make changes of sauce, spice or substitutions – we can do that. Because our food isn’t coming out of the freezer or a box, we can make tiny adjustments so that it’s what they want, not what we serve.

What do you love most about what you do?

KB: The thing I love about catering is being in front of people. We’re not locked behind a kitchen line slinging away working in the back. I love getting the chance to hang out and socialize with people. You’re in front of them and you’re a part of that special day for that moment. We develop to be part of that family for that one day. It’s really important to us.


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