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10 Fantastic DIY Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

pink and white dahlias floating in vintage teacup saucer

DIY brides, we feel you.  You just want to create memorable wedding details and have your friends ooh and ahh over the fruits of your labor.  But who knew picture-perfect DIY could be so hard to achieve?  Here are 10 simple wedding centerpiece ideas practically guaranteed to never turn into Pinterest fails.

Have you laughed at some of the floral centerpiece DIY projects out there?  Huge, lush centerpieces that look like they came from a top florist?  They promise you can recreate the look, but you’re skeptical and for good reason.  Floral arranging isn’t easy, and the more variety of blooms you have, the more complicated it gets. If you want to DIY your flowers, stick to a low-maintenance, simple design.

It doesn’t get much easier than the idea above. Simply snip flowers, as they did with these dahlias, and place them in vintage plates or teacup saucers. Create a table runner effect by lining them down the center of the table.

pink and white floral centerpiece held in wooden DIY paint stick container  bright floral centerpieces running along length of table in assorted vases

When in doubt, keep the same types of flowers together, or at least flowers of the same scale and volume.  Above, this DIY paint stick crate is a breeze to make. Place glass jars filled with flowers inside. The final product will look like it was much more work than it actually was.  Monochromatic arrangements are another simple way to make a beautiful statement. Above (right), this colorful table features arrangements of all different hues, but each one only features one type of flower. Find coordinating vases to match your palette, and this modern garden is easy to create!


Worried that your DIY centerpieces are too diminutive for your venue? Don’t think that if you need to fill a room, you need a ton of flowers.  Use vertical space and hang extra details from the rafters or ceiling.  Above, this high white tent may have overwhelmed the small wildflower centerpieces on that table. However, this addition of bright crepe paper streamers brings out the pops of color on the table and balances out the decor.

DIY vellum paper votives for candle centerpiece

Want to avoid flowers altogether? Make vellum paper votives (above) to add cool design and texture to the candlelight glow on each table.

Foodie wedding?  Put your theme on display front and center.  This event (below) used samples of different kinds of chocolate, but you could also serve fruit, cheese, or a charcuterie platter.  Use a woodcut, cake stand, or Lazy Susan.

rose and chocolate bar sample centerpiece for foodie wedding

And who doesn’t love balloons? Especially if your tables will have decorated place settings, or you just really need the space, balloons free up that in-demand real estate on your table.  This party below opted to go for an ombre effect, using 6 different shades of pink balloons.

DIY pink ombre balloon centerpiece tethered to long tablepaper mache cacti in bright shades of green for Southwest wedding centerpiece  large and colorful DIY paper flowers to use as table runner

For those of you who are DIY bolder, we offer a few more advanced projects. As with anything, practice makes perfect, so don’t get frustrated if it is Pinterest fail-adjacent the first time through. These will all add such charm to your event, that they are worth the trial runs. For a wedding with a healthy dose of modern whimsy, use paper mache cacti or oversized paper flowers. Both are lively and colorful, and very creative.

If you like your DIY more elegant and subdued, create your own statement vases. These gold lined ones take a careful hand to create straight lines and even spacing, but you will use these long after your reception!

DIY wedding centerpiece with gold striped vases

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